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This Month's Meeting

February Technical Meeting

February 19, 2019
11:30 AM MST - 1:00 PM MST

Legends Sports Pub
677 S. 200 W.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Venue website


Main Presentation:

We will have Rehau speak with us about snowmelt systems.

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President's Report

by Brad Welch

This month I would like to express appreciation for something we all sometimes take for granted.  We live in a world where there are some things we just don’t have to worry about.  Here are a few examples of what I am talking about.

  • When I walk into a building I don’t have to worry about falling into a hole to my death.
  • When I breath in the lobby of a hospital, I don’t have to worry about breathing the same contaminated air as the patient down the hall with some bizarre incurable disease.
  • When I use a drinking fountain, I don’t have to worry if I will drink water that has recently been in contact with toilet water.
  • If I am walking near rooftop unit on a white membrane roof after a light snowfall, I know if I slip and fall I would have to fly 10 feet away before falling off the roof.
  • If I use a bidet, I don’t have to worry about scalding my nether-regions.
  • I can open a window or door in a building and know I won’t get asphyxiated by some noxious gas blowing in from outside.
  • If I wash my hands at a public restroom I don’t expect to have to wait forever to get hot water.


All of these worries are virtually unwarranted thanks to current building codes.

I am sure we have all complained about a code requirement at some point in our lives.  Sometimes the code can be difficult to meet.  Even though it is sometimes painful, I am glad we have the code.  It helps us all keep everyone save and happy.

Next time you see a building official, give them a hug and say thanks for removing countless worries for millions of people.  When I have a design that I know meets code, I don’t have to worry about what I will say on the witness stand.  I will either never get there, or If I do, I can say I met the code.  Three cheers for the code. Yipee, yay, hurrah.

Here are a few interesting dates you may find helpful

  • National Engineer Week – February 17th – 23rd
  • World Plumbing Day – March 11th
  • Hug-a-Plumber Day – April 25th
  • ASPE Intermountain 20th Golf Tournament June –18th
  • CPD Registration Closes – March 21st
  • CPD Test – April 4th and 5th
  • If Pets Had Thumbs Day – March 3rd


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Special Announcement

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VP Technical Article

by Nick Allred

Greetings and salutations!  Here I find myself writing monthly article first thing in the morning on the day it is due.  Hoping that it will be the best article in the newsletter, but only having a vague idea of what to write about and adding a bunch of extra words just to make it look longer.  Geez, I haven’t even got a full paragraph before I needed to start with the bs!  This really will be the best article.

Ok, now to the actual topic of this article.  I have started talking more about ASPE at my new job to share with my new co-workers.  As I’m telling them about the monthly technical meetings, some have made comments about different topics they would like to learn about or how they would like to better understand something.  This has reminded me of an ASPE membership benefit that I so often overlook or down right forget about.  That would be the Plumbing Engineer Design Handbook.  When I have remembered and looked through one of the four volumes or at a minimum looking at the table of contents, I’m amazed at how much information is in there!  These handbooks are such a valuable resource to refresh my own knowledge but to also train new plumbing modelers, designers and engineers.

When I first joined ASPE I choose to get the hardback books until I got all four volumes, then a CD with a pdf copy worked just fine.  When I renewed my national membership last month I saw a new option, to download the latest version.  This is a really nice option that as I get a newer version of volume 2 I can simply save over the older version.  Which leads to another decision I made regarding ASPE.

While at CCI Mechanical, I would just save ASPE related files and documents to my desktop or a folder on the server.  I was able to copy all of it to a flash drive to take with me, but I thought the best option would be to put all my ASPE files on a personal OneDrive account.  Then I connect my work computer to it along with my home computer.  This allows me to write monthly articles at work or at home and have access from either location.  I can save the latest copy of the handbook and not worry about losing it if I change jobs. 

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Special Announcement

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Affiliate Liaison Article

by Kyle Sorenson

GOLF TOURNAMENT UPDATE!  We have 2 registered Sponsors and 2 Foursomes on the books!  Remember Sponsorship opportunities are on a first come first serve basis, so secure your spot today! Sponsorships are available and we will be feature your company on signage, at the luncheon after the tournament as well as on our website.  Your sponsorships make this tournament happen and we greatly appreciate your support.  Click here to register now!

This is our very special 20th anniversary golf tournament so we want to make it extra special!  Sponsors and golf teams are encouraged to provide raffle prize giveaways to help spread the fun and enjoyment of this special gathering.  Also, please keep in mind that we have Golfer Pack’s and Moneyball Packages to purchase.  The Golfer Pack includes a licorice rope and mulligans for some added advantage as well as additional raffle tickets for the giveaway after the tournament.  The Money Ball Challenge is always fun and the package will get you a special ball that your team hits every stroke.  The team(s) that finish the tournament with the Money Ball in hand will be entered into a drawing to win the pot!

Have a suggestion or improvement to the tournament?  We would love to hear your input on ideas, events, prizes, etc.  Please reach out to a board member with any feedback.  We are looking forward to June and we hope you are too!  Click here to register now!

This month’s Product Showcase will be given by RKR. RKR will be presenting on the CircuitSolver.

Circuit Solver is the self-actuating thermostatic balancing valve for domestic hot water recirculation, which balances by temperature rather than pressure. This saves time in terms of balancing calculations as well as jobsite labor. (no balancing required!) You can view a 60 second information video at the below link to determine if you might have any interest.

CircuitSolver 60 second video

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Special Announcement

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