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Disclaimer Note

Chapters are not authorized to speak for the Society.

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This Month's Meeting

Please keep checking our website next week for info on our next technical meeting.  It will be posted just as soon everything is coordinated and confirmed. 

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President's Report

Well here we are at the start of a new ASPE Season!  But I find myself not quite as excited with this continuing COVID pandemic.  After discussing with the chapter board, as much as we all want to meet in-person, for the health and safety of all our members, we are planning to still hold our monthly meetings online.  However, we are planning to use the assistance of ASPE National in setting these up.  Registration will be through the ASPE Education site and the CEUs will be issued directly from National.  For our September meeting, we are just waiting on National to get confirmation that the meeting is scheduled and are given a link for registration.  But we did need to change the day of our meeting this month.  There is more schedule coordination needed when we are using ASPE National’s help, so we will need to be a little flexible.  We are expecting to meet on the 30th, but we will try to stick with our normal third Tuesday of the month for the rest of the year.

As I mentioned in an earlier email, since we are going to be doing web meetings the chapter will not be spending money buying lunches.  Because of this we have temporarily lowered the local dues this year to $60, which is a 60% savings!  And non-members wanting to join our meetings will be charged $10 per meeting, which is a 50% savings.

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Special Announcement

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VP Technical Article

Kyle promised to have an article for this month's newsletter, but alas, nothing was sent.  While he says that he's been extremely busy, I sometime wonder if he just doesn't know how to read, write or type and that is why I need to keep writing articles for him?

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Special Announcement

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VP Legislative Article

Greetings!  This should be a great season.  I hope everyone has survived the recent Apocalyptic events and that everyone is well.  This is a big “Howdy, how are you?”  I  hope the giant font will work.  If not, imagine really big letters and a big smile (behind a mask, of course)!  While you’re at it, image “Whirled Peas.”  Hopefully we can have a real meeting before too long.

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Thank You for Supporting ASPE Intermountain

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VP Membership Article

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well during these difficult times. Even though this pandemic has affected everyone in many different ways, for the most part it has allowed us to spend more time at home with those we love. At ASPE Intermountain, our inability to meet in person for our monthly technical meetings has caused us to discuss the benefits that our members receive from being affiliated to our Chapter. I am sure some of the changes pertaining to our local dues will be announced by our chapter president. 


Even though we are not able to have lunch together during our technical meetings, the main benefit or our ASPE membership is still available to all of us. All of us Plumbing Designers and Engineers have the opportunity to stay up to date with improvements in technology, as well as new laws and regulations regarding the Plumbing Design industry. Through our online technical meetings, we are able to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Whether we need the credits to keep our licenses or credentials active, or we simply desire to increase our knowledge and grow as professionals, we have the opportunity to do that with ASPE.


In order for us to plan future technical trainings that can have a significant impact in our careers, we need your feedback. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with ideas or topics that you will like to see covered in these technical training sessions. Thank you for your active participation and I hope it won’t be too long before we are able to meet again in person.

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Affiliate Liaison Article

Where did summer go?  Wait it’s 2020 and Covid – Where did real life go??  I hope everyone is doing well and being safe.  I am going crazy.  It has been really hard for an extrovert and a career salesman to be told, “you can’t see people in person.”  What the What?? Not good for me.  I also know that many of you are going to need CEU credits and the lunch and learns have not been coming.  So I thought I would give you some virtual options.

Some suggestions to get CEU credits in the year of COVID:  See flier for more info  (OR, if you are open to an IN-Person Lunch and Learn, I am certified to present any of these, and I would be soooo Happy if your office would let me.  Please contact me)

A.O.Smith will be offering two presentation dates -- The presentation is titled “Intro to Heat Pump Water Heaters”, and will be CEU accredited.

ASPE Webinar

  • Time:  Tuesday, 9/22 @ 1 PM CDT
  • Registration Link HERE
  • Free to ASPE members only


PM Engineer Webinar

  • Time:  Tuesday, 10/20 @ 11 AM CDT
  • Link will be forwarded when available
  • This will be free for all participants


Hang in there!  We will get through this all together.  I truly look forward to getting back together.


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Special Announcement

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AYP Article

5 Ways To Make Your Zoom Meetings More Interesting

Throughout this pandemic, we have all learned a thing or two about communicating both digitally and virtually. To say 2020 has changed our lives and the way we do business is an understatement in many ways. 

The considerably more frequent use of Zoom as a digital meeting platform is one example. As you continue to adapt the way you work to meet ever-changing virtual standards, consider the following 5 tips to make your Zoom meetings simply more interesting. Because, let’s be honest, it’s more difficult to stay awake in a meeting with your pajamas on. 

  1. Only show half of yourself on the camera: half of your face, one shoulder, etc. Maintain this for the entire meeting.
  2. Prepare your lunch just before your Zoom meeting starts. Then, with your screen camera activated, try to eat your lunch without anyone in the meeting noticing.
  3. When sharing your screen with colleagues, makes sure to leave a tab on your internet browser that reads, “My Little Pony.”
  4. Join the Zoom meeting while in your child’s bedroom. The toys and games in the background will keep your meeting associates interested. Begin playing with legos while still being an active participant in the meeting.
  5. And of course, in each meeting, make sure you include at least one plumbing joke. Here are a few examples 
    • Why shouldn’t you play poker with a plumber? 

A good flush beats a full house every time.

    • Why should you never ask a plumber how they are doing? 

Because they always feel drained.

    • What is the one thing you will never see a plumber do? 

Bite his nails. 


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