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This Month's Meeting

March 2021

March 16, 2021
12:00 PM MDT - 1:00 PM MDT

Zoom Meeting

Main Presentation:

We'll have Richard Rossi with Niagra Corp to discuss Water Savings with Every Flush: Improving Water Conservation in High Performance Buildings.

Register Here!  (Registration is at the ASPE Education site, not our chapter site)

Today as climate change, population growth, and record droughts present an unprecedented strain on
our water supply - conservation technology is building awareness to the importance of having the most
water-efficient fixtures in a home or business. This course recognizes the flush toilet as one of the
biggest users of water and discusses how toilet design is pushing flush technology to develop ways for
homes and commercial buildings to conserve water without sacrificing the performance of the toilet.
Industry testing protocols and the water-saving capabilities of different technologies are evaluated.

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President's Report

In my last few articles I’ve mentioned my optimism about a “return to pre-COVID normal” and start having in-person technical meetings again.  I’ve tried keeping an eye on the progress and now decline of COVID cases in Utah, as reported by the Utah Department of Health.  It’s been the steady decline of cases and the speedy distribution of vaccinations that have given rise to my optimism.  As of the time I’m writing this, there have been a little over 900,000 total vaccines administered in Utah with about 328,000 people fully vaccinated.  In fact, here is the Epidemic Curve for Utah.

This curve really puts this whole thing in perspective for me.  As great as the progress we are making, we need to continue wearing masks and social distancing since the population of Utah is around 3.2 million.  It appears to me that we’re making a great start at recovering from COVID, but it’s just a start.

Given these awesome trends, I’m happy to announce that we, as a board, are planning the return of our Annual Golf Tournament in August and restarting in-person meetings in September. But like I said, it’s a plan and we all know that plans can change.

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Special Announcement

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VP Legislative Article

Salutations!  I hope everyone is well.  It’s hard to believe another month has come and gone.  I want to get some feedback from the chapter.  This is a touchy subject.  I’m not sure I want to write about it.  Actually, I guess it is more of a “tushy” subject.  The bidet.  You know that funky European plumbing fixture used for cleaning your back side, underside and what-not.  My first exposure was from the movie Crocodile Dundee when I was a kid.  I was as confused as Mick Dundee was.  I later saw one in person in Barcelona and eventually got up the courage to try one.  It was great, but not very common in the US.  Apparently, you can now get a retro fit add-on that replaces the toilet seat and is plumbed with cold or both cold and hot water.  I was wondering if anyone in our chapter has seen these or even tried one.  I would be interested in your feedback.  Any thoughts? 

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Special Announcement

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VP Membership Article

Even though we may not be having our monthly technical meetings in person, we are still holding monthly technical presentations online. Since we are not able to provide you with lunch, the cost to provide these monthly presentations for the year has been reduced to $60 a year. This is a great way to earn CEUs and support our local chapter. This month we will have Richard Rossi with Niagra Corp discuss Improving Water Conservation in High Performance Buildings. I hope we can all take advantage of these presentations. If you have any recommendations for future presentations, please reach out to us and we will work towards providing you the information you are looking for.

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Affiliate Liaison Article

I feel that it is a good idea for us to be aware of the Stimulus Funding available to our customers to be able to retro-fit and Up-grade their restrooms.

Copied from - 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many educational institutions and live entertainment venues have realized that touch-free restrooms are essential to making their public spaces more hygienic.

What facilities may not have realized is that there are several ways to access Coronavirus Relief Stimulus Funding to improve and update their restrooms with touch-free products. This funding can help facilities both purchase and install touch-free restroom products for a more hygienic environment.

Our comprehensive guide to Coronavirus Relief Stimulus Funding offers numerous resources to explore. (You can also watch this recent webinar.) Here’s a quick overview.

Coronavirus Relief Stimulus Funding for Educational Institutions

There are three major channels for educational institutions to apply for Coronavirus Relief Stimulus Funding:

Coronavirus Relief Stimulus Funding for Entertainment Venues

No industry has been impacted more severely by the pandemic than entertainment venues. These organizations may qualify for an SVO (Shuttered Venue Operating Grant) to cover ordinary and necessary business expenses, including maintenance costs and capital expenditures, to facilitate qualified adaptation of business activities.

Eligible facilities and organizations include:

  • Live venue operators or promoters
  • Theatrical producers
  • Live performing arts organization operators
  • Relevant museum operators
  • Motion picture theatre operators

Several limitations and restrictions apply to these grants—you may find our SVO guide book helpful.

Take Advantage of a Free Facility Audit

To help you navigate the details of these grant applications and decide which restroom options best suit your facilities, we’re happy to offer a free facility audit with your local Sloan rep.

You can even get an online head start on your audit by answering a few questions about the products currently installed in your facilities’ restrooms.

Coronavirus Relief Stimulus Funding can help you upgrade your restrooms with the industry’s broadest selection of touch-free faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and flushometers. These improvements will not only help make your facilities more hygienic—they’ll also highlight your commitment to the wellness of the people who work, study, and perform in them every day.

This is a unique opportunity to deploy public funds to make lasting improvements to your facilities. Sloan stands ready to help you through every step of the process.

Want to take advantage of these government grants to make your restrooms more hygienic? Need recommendations regarding the best options for your facilities? Contact Sloan!

Patiently or not so patiently awaiting the day to see everyone in Person.

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Special Announcement

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AYP Article

Are you tired of being locked inside and having events canceled? Worry not! The ASPE techsymposium 2021 is happening! Mark the date: September 22-26 in San Diego, California. Registration is open on the ASPE national website. See the link below for registration, schedules, sessions, and sponsorships.

Check it out!

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Special Announcements

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Education Chair

To Pay or Not to Pay

Here we are, March 2021.  It has been a year since I visited any customers or travelled.  As I am a salesman, a travelling salesman that is a big deal for me.  I am used to two business trips a month and visiting with customers every week, doing lunch and learns, attending ASPE meetings. From what I hear though, things are opening up.  The Southern Nevada Chapter (aka Las Vegas) is starting in person meetings again, and we here at the Salt Lake City (ok, ok The Intermountain Chapter) are scheduling our annual Golf Tournament for August, and in person meetings for September.  As I live in looney tunes land, also known as California, I doubt they will let us out of our house any time this year.  I so envy other states.

On to the meetings . . . Last month Peter Kraut, President of SCEG in Calabasas, CA finished the last of his three-part series on Commercial Kitchen Design.  This month we have an informative presentation by Niagara Toilets on water conservation.  Next month David Carrier of Quantumflo will present to us on booster pumps.  We will finish off the pre-summer season with a presentation by our own Vice President Technical, Kyle Sorenson.  Kyle has yet to choose the topic but know him it will be informative and on some form of water conditioning.

You are probably wondering about my article title.  As a society our chapter has supported the Utah Engineering Council by sponsoring one of their scholarships for years.  We are looking to expand our scholarship program by working with up to three Universities in the area.  We have met with BYU, Utah State University and University of Utah. Some of these had other great opportunities such as programs to sponsor senior projects.  As we are a group of volunteers with limited free time on our hands, we are looking at scholarship programs which are managed by the University.  We may add some special parameters to qualify, but otherwise will let the University review the applications and choose the scholarship recipients.  ASPE Intermountain members will meet with the student and may ask them to attend a couple meetings.  Our goal is to steer students to our part of Mechanical Engineering.

If you are a Partner, Principal or owner of a MEP firm in the area and you can help ASPE financially, please contact myself or Nick Allred.  We will be creating various sponsorship levels for MEP firms.  Eventually our goal is to expand this into a program to help students find internships and career positions, as well to drive graduates to the MEP firms which have helped ASPE Intermountain create this program.

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