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ASPE Intermountain History

As written by James A. Maughan, Founder

The idea of forming a chapter of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers was first conceived of by Mr. James A. Maughan in October, 1981. He first contacted Marianna Frankel, the executive director of ASPE and requested the first information that would set in motion the wheels that would eventually form what is now known as the “Intermountain Chapter”. Mr. Maughan was first introduced to ASPE by Mr. C. Lewis Wilson, one of the first members to join in the Salt Lake City area. At that time, Mr. Maughan recognized the tremendous educational opportunities available through membership in ASPE. In November, 1981, Ms. Frankel contacted Mr. Maughan and forwarded the supplies needed in order to form the Chapter. Ms. Frankel had doubted the ability of the Salt Lake City area to support a Chapter, and expressed “I would be delighted to have you prove me wrong and that Salt Lake City can, indeed, support a Chapter of ASPE”. Mr. Maughan gathered a small group of engineers and others who had expressed interest in forming a Chapter.

They consisted of:

  • C. Lewis Wilson, P.E.
  • David L. Jensen, P.E.
  • Neil H. Spencer, P.E.
  • Ray W. Moore, P.E.
  • Judd Woodruff
  • Bob Lovell
  • Brook Williams
  • James A. Maughan

These men formed the nucleus of the interim leadership of the Salt Lake City Chapter, and would work to form the Intermountain Chapter. The name “Intermountain Chapter” was arrived at due to a motion made at a Board of Directors Meeting by Mr. C. Lewis Wilson. The next 3 years would be an upward journey of maintaining quality programs and trying to increase membership. The required engineers were available and attended the monthly meetings, but for some reason, the last few needed would not join. Then, in 1984, Cathy Tilby joined and became active. She agreed to run for Vice President of Membership and became the “spark” needed to overcome the membership hurdle. In January of 1985, a Chartering Meeting was held. Mr. Phillip French, Society President, flew from the state of New York to Salt Lake City to form the new Chapter and present the new Chapter President with the Official Intermountain Chapter Charter. The meeting was held at the Lion House in Salt Lake City.

The first officers were:

President: James A. Maughan
Vice President - Technical: David L. Jensen, P.E.
Vice President - Legislative: Neil H. Spencer, P.E.
Vice President - Membership: P. Cathy Tilby
Administrative Secretary:Robert Schofield
Treasurer:David Lovell
Corresponding Secretary:Judd Woodruff

Presently, the Chapter is involved in on-going comprehensive meetings as well as
educational seminars. Communication between the Chapter and local code officials has
resulted in better codes for Utah and a better understanding of plumbing engineering for all involved.